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Welcome to DPDC, a professional scuba diving certification center located in beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Take your vacation to the next level and come explore the underwater world with us. From beautiful shallow reef dives, to exploring mysterious sunken wrecks, our experienced scuba professionals will be happy to show you the best local dive sites. Established in 2003, we have had the pleasure of diving with thousands of fun loving travelers from around the globe and always enjoy swapping scuba stories with fellow divers. 

We also offer daily snorkeling tours to some of the best spots around. You will get a chance to swim with friendly sea turtles, stingrays and dozens of tropical reef fish. With lunch and snacks provided on board this can make a great day out with your friends and family.

Come Explore The Ocean With Us!

scuba diving in playa del carmen

Just one of the many beautiful beaches to go scuba diving from in Playa Del Carmen. Plenty of shore dives are accessible right from the beach. Image Credit courtesy of Diver World

Even if you have never been scuba diving before...relax. We have certified hundreds of happy divers over the past 10+ years. We are happy to introduce anyone to the underwater world, regardless of experience level or age. Young or old, scuba diving can be an extremely fulfilling adventure sport. There is always so much to see and experience, every dive is different!

We offer a range of certification levels from zero experience to those looking to up their scuba diving certification level. Classes are offered Monday - Friday, with weekends being reserved purely for fun diving! We find this offers a good balance of fun and teaching for our staff and gives newly certified divers a chance to extend their experience and have a great weekend under the waves! We are a top quality PADI certification dive center, and all of our instructors have hundreds of logged dives under their belt.

Scuba diving courses offered for the 2016-2017 season

- PADI open water diver certification

- PADI advanced open water diver certification​

- PADI Divemaster internship

- NEW: Introduction to freediving + Advanced freediving techniques

We Also Offer Snorkeling Day Trips!

snorkeling day trips

Anyone looking for a fun day trip should consider snorkeling! This is a great family activity that requires no prior experience or certification and allows you to see the ocean in a whole new light. Swim with schools of fish, admire beautiful corals and see first hand for yourself just how amazing this planet of our is. We warn you, snorkeling can become highly addictive and may even lead you on the path to scuba certification once you get a taste! 

On your snorkel tour, we will visit 3 amazing swimming spots, each one offering a different variety of marine life to see. The waters range from 20-60 feet in depth so anyone with experience free diving can explore the bottom for a close up view at deeper depths. We also provide lunch and snacks to keep you fueled up and exploring. Half way through the day we will stop at a small island for those who want to spend an hour lounging on the beach. The waters surrounding the island are also good for snorkeling as well. We offer snorkeling equipment free of charge when you come with us. We have traditional snorkel gear and also recently upgraded to have several full face models for those looking to try something new!

Choose Your Own Underwater Adventure

Scuba Diving Certification

padi scuba diving certification

Regardless if you have ever even been snorkeling before, if you are interested in learning to scuba dive, we are happy to teach you. Taking your introduction to scuba diving course as either a single day adventure dive, or going straight for your open water certification can really change your life! 

We are also excited to help experienced divers increase their skills and advance to the next level of certification on their journey to becoming a master scuba diver. The dive center offers certification and classes Monday through Friday, so be sure to book in advance. We provide all the necessary scuba gear, so don't worry about having to bring anything besides a the signed medical form and a smile!

Reef Dives

scuba diving on a reef

For those divers looking for a more relaxing day under the waves, a nice shallow reef dive is amazing. Long dive times combined with lots of marine life to see means you will surface from each dive with a big smile. With a massive variety of reef fish all throughout Playa Del Carmen's diving sites, there is always something new to see. 

Many times during the year we will encounter the cute and friendly hawksbill sea turtles, they enjoy swimming near the surface and enjoying the sun. Or deeper towards the bottom, divers will find large green moray eels lurking in the crevices in between the corals. Over all an awesome experience for divers of all certification levels.

Wreck Diving

wreck diving

More experienced and adventurous divers will be happy to know we do weekly wreck diving excursions! There are many ship wrecks dotting the coastline and we have found some of the more secluded and "secret" dive sites that are a lot less busy than many of the other spots local dive tours visit.

This means a less disturbed dive site that is still bustling with life and interesting sights to see. Many of the wrecks offer great penetration opportunities for advanced open water divers that feel comfortable exploring inside the ships. This is always a really cool experience so be sure to bring your gopro or rent one from the dive shop before setting off for the day, you won't regret it!

Scuba Gear Rental and Resources

We are happy to provide high quality scuba gear for any diver who books a 2 tank dive session with us, or anyone who signs up for any PADI certification. We make sure to properly maintain and regularly service all of our scuba gear so you can dive with confidence in your equipment. Everything from BCD, Mask and Fins is provided in all of our dive packages. We are also happy to help service or repair client gear for a small fee. 

If you are bringing your own scuba diving equipment, we offer a 10% daily discount on all 2 tank packages. Most experienced divers know that having their own set of scuba gear can make for a far more comfortable experience and we encourage you to do so. If you are interested in learning about various models of scuba equipment from masks, fins, and dive computers, there are some great scuba gear reviews available over at Scuba Diving Dreams, a good resource for information. We also sell a limited selection of masks and fins in our dive shop, depending on availability. 

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